Official Boomerang app is available for early access on the Play Store

Many of us have cravings for classic cartoons every now and then (myself included). Luckily for us, there’s an app in the works with folks like us in mind. Boomerang is working on an official Boomerang app. For those who don’t know, Boomerang is the service under Cartoon Network which is primarily based around airing […]

The Google Pixel’s camera software originally was made for Google Glass

You’ll still remember Google Glass right, those cool futuristic glasses that came out of Google’s X Labs and they costed a fortune? Well, X Labs published a blog post stating that when they were trying to create a camera for Glass they wanted it to at least be on par with a decent smartphone camera […]

Power Rangers fans rejoice! Power Rangers: Legacy Wars launches on the Play Store

With a new movie close at hand, the Power Rangers universe is getting a lot of attention. Aside from the movie itself, one point of interest is in the mobile app space. Recently launched from the nWay Inc. library is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Far from what most of us would expect from a Power […]

The Google Pixel 2 is on its way, and the high price tag is here to stay

If you were hoping for a new and affordable Nexus phone to rise from the ashes, then you’re going to be very disappointed. 2016 was a year of change, Google killed the Nexus line in favor the new, shiny, and expensive Pixel and Pixel XL. The Pixels were designed from the ground up at Google, and included […]

BlackBerry KEYone announced: everything you need to know

The BlackBerry KEYone isn’t necessarily a new phone, we saw this exact device when it was teased at CES 2017 back in January when it was under the codename “Mercury”. Details about the device were pretty scarce when it made its first reveal back at CES, but now the curtain has been fully opened. Specifications […]