*Please read before applying!*

Tech Leagues is a growing community. If you feel that you can contribute to the cause of providing valuable news and information about mobile technology on the site or on the Youtube channel, then feel free to apply below.

Applicants must show a general knowledge of technology pertaining to smartphones, tablets, wearables, computers, or the accessories there of.

If you are new to writing and have no samples of work to submit, simply type in the word “new” in the  sample of your work section and I will work with you from there.

A few things to consider:

~This is a non-profit website for the time being. We’re working on increasing traffic in order to allow for monetization. So feel free to join and help us reach that goal! 

~There are strict rules against:

*Fowl language.

*Inappropriate content.

*Overly biased and opinionated views towards or against a certain device or company.

Overall, this is a community where we can all have fun sharing our passion for mobile technology. If you feel that this is the site for you, then please fill out the application and you will be contacted ASAP!