New early access app, Lifeslice, looks to fill that void left by Vine.

“Make videos, together.” That’s the moto of this app in development called Lifeslice. This is an app that encourages people to create short videos of themselves and share them with others. These short clips are called “Slices” and anyone apt at making Vine videos should feel right at home. Upon starting the app, you’re greeted […]

Official Boomerang app is available for early access on the Play Store

Many of us have cravings for classic cartoons every now and then (myself included). Luckily for us, there’s an app in the works with folks like us in mind. Boomerang is working on an official Boomerang app. For those who don’t know, Boomerang is the service under Cartoon Network which is primarily based around airing […]

Power Rangers fans rejoice! Power Rangers: Legacy Wars launches on the Play Store

With a new movie close at hand, the Power Rangers universe is getting a lot of attention. Aside from the movie itself, one point of interest is in the mobile app space. Recently launched from the nWay Inc. library is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Far from what most of us would expect from a Power […]

Fantastic Beasts: Cases of The Wizarding World – Review

We’ve followed the missadventures of Harry Potter, but now it’s time to follow the Ministry of Magic. Does a detective game fit well with the wizarding world of J.K Rollings? Let’s find out. Here’s the review of Fantastic Beasts: Cases From The Wizarding World. GAMEPLAY Cases From The Wizarding World is a game developed by […]

Dawn of Titans FINALLY makes it to America for Pre-registration

It’s definetely a long time coming. The epic mobile MMO, Dawn of Titans, was announced some time ago, and it seemed like it would never launch in the states. How long ago was it announced? E3 2015! Yes, more than a full year ago. They showcased some of the gameplay and graphics at the event […]