The LG V30’s launch date gets confirmed by event poster.

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The LG G6, by far, is LG’s biggest contribution to the smartphone world in the year 2017. It’s a great phone, but you’d be wrong to think that the Korean company is going to stop there. The V series has become the line of handsets that we look forward to for LG’s devices later in the year, and the upcoming V30 is no exception. A lot of leaks and rumors about the device have been buzzing around recently, but one bit of information has just gotten its confirmation.

An event poster from LG, telling us to “Save The Date”, has appeared, and it’d take someone literally living under a rock not to guess what it’s referring to. We see a time and date (09:00, Thursday, August 31st) with a large letter V sitting prominently in the background.  Under it, we see Berlin, Germany. This is pointing to the fact that it’s going to be unveiled at IFA. The rounded corners of the picture hints at the fact that the V30 will share the G6’s tall, rounded display.

It’s exciting to see what this device is going to bring to the table. Around this date, we are going to see this device launch with the iPhone 8 and the Note 8 close at hand, making for an epic smartphone showdown between these companies. Are you guys excited for the V30? Let me know in the comments below.


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