Smash Supreme, an early access app for those looking to fight.

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Itching for some good old fashion, toe-to-toe, bare knuckle action with just a few super powers thrown in for effect? Now available on the Play Store to download early is the game, Smash Supreme. Despite it sounding like some delicious dish, it’s a game where you challenge other players from around the world to 1v1 combat.

The graphical style is probably closer to what you’d see on Over Watch, with its more cartoonish feel. The way you fight is a bit different from tradition mobile 1v1 fighters. Instead of tapping and swiping to for different attacks, like Injustice or Mortal Kombat X, the attacks that you can do are represented as icons at the bottom of the screen. You tap on the attack you want to perform and the character executes it.

You’d be familiar with this if you’ve played the new Power Rangers app, except there’s no “mana” bar that needs to fill up. Each attack has a cool down period, which is something to look out for. Other functions include swiping left or right to move your character back or forward, and blocking. You can only block for a certain amount of time before you leave your self vulnerable (think Super Smash Brothers.) Blocking also has a cool down, which adds a welcome dash of difficulty to the game.

You level up your powers and attacks just like most apps out there. You get crates for winning battles. These crates contain cards. Collect enough cards of a certain move, you can then upgrade it. Other features are a character customizer, the option to join guilds, and a training mode.

This is an early access app, which means that it’s still in production, so don’t be surprised if you run into the occasional bug. So far, it’s limited to four characters, and some of the sound effects are missing, so expect more to come along soon. If you want a fun 1v1 game with as much charm as hit has action, then Smash Supreme may be for you!


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