Samsung finally reveals when we’ll see the Note 8.

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The second half of 2017 is going to be full of exciting and much anticipated releases; we have the LG V30, the iPhone 8, and rounding it off is the Galaxy Note 8. We’ll be waiting until August 31st for the V30, and some time in November for the iPhone 8, but we’ll see the wraps being pulled off of the Note 8 before both.


The invite for the Note 8’s event has just been released, and it has us all marking our calendars for August 23rd. On the Invite, we see the outlines of that iconic “Infinity display’ that we saw with the S8 posters. With this picture, however, we see a blue S Pen hovering right under the tagline for this handset, “Do Things Bigger.” This is of course eluding to the fact that the Note 8 is going to be a large phablet. The event is going to be held in New York City, but it’s stated on the invite that the event will be live on for those who can’t make it.

As for specs, it’s believed to be sporting a 6.3 inch display… I’m sorry, INFINITY DISPLAY… with Samsung’s gorgeous Super AMOLED technology. It’ll be HDR compatible, of course. As for the processor, we’re looking at a Snapdragon 835, with 6 GB’s of RAM. Samasung will undoubtedly be playing it safe with the battery capasity, and putting in a slightly smaller cell. The overall design and build materials are expected to be just about the same as the S8, with it being wrapped in metal and Gorrilla Glass 5. The same may go for the camera technology, except for one thing: the Note 8 will most likely come with a duel camera setup. We’re also expecting for it to be IP 68 water and dust resisstant. The jury is still out on whether the projected $1,000 price tag is going to be a thing.

The Note 8 is hands down one of the most anticipated device to come about this year. It’s going to be going toe-to-toe with the LG V30 and the iPhone 8. Are you guys excited for the Note 8? Let me know in the comments below.


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