A 360 degree video of the Pixel 2 duo 2 shows us what’s there, and what’s not…

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We’re all anxiously awaiting some credible information on what the new pair of devices from Google will look like. So far, we have renders of what we think they look like, but nothing solid. A new video, courtesy of @OnLeaks, gives us just a bit more confirmation on how the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will look. From it, we can see what going to be there, and what’s not.

First off, we see that the device is quite thick. As we circle around, we see top and bottom bezels that are larger than what we see on the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8, but they aren’t as big as the previous Pixel’s. These slightly larger bezels are excused completely because they house bottom and top front facing speakers. That’s always refreshing to see. To the left of the top speaker, we see the front facing camera, and above the speaker, we see the proximity sensor. The display sports the rounded corners that are present on the LG G6 and the Galaxy S8, and it may have an odd aspect ratio also; maybe 16.7:9. Onto the edges, the left side houses the SIM tray, the top has the microphone, and right side has the power and volume buttons. On the bottom, we see the USB Type-C charging port, and the other microphone, but no headphone jack sadly. On the back, we see about 80% of it covered in metal, with the top covered in glass, like the first Pixel. The glass section is smaller that on the Pixel, with it not covering the fingerprint scanner just below. We see a noticeable camera bump on the upper left hand side, with the flash right next to it. Other than that, the back is completely bare except for the Google logo on the bottom, which may or may not be there in the final product. The back metal curves gently to meet the frame, and so does the glass. The Pixel XL 2 it roughly the same, but with a few minor differences. On the front, the proximity sensor, instead of being above the front speaker, is below it, and the flash is to the right of the rear camera, rather than on the left side. Other than that, these two devices are identical.

Another device sadly drops the 3.5 mm headphone jack, but another device adopts the rounded corners on their display. The Pixel 2 duo, if these renders hold true, will be bringing some neat features to Google’s growing hardware ecosystem. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed to see if there will be a headphone jack in the final product (I mean, Google DID sort of flaunt the fact that the first Pixel phones didn’t drop this feature). Besides the rumor that the Pixel 2 duo will pack the Snapdragon 836 SoC, there’s not much more that we know about these phones, but that will change as the phone gets closer and closer to launching. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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