Rovio releases an new app, Battle Bay!

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What has Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds, been up to lately? Well the company has just launched the game called Battle Bay. This game is a far departure from the frivolous festivities of our fine feathered friends. Battle Bay has you rigging up a mini battle ship, and hashing it out in 5v5 real-time battles.

The mechanics are pretty standard compared to other games in this genre: you start off with a basic destroyer and you upgrade its speed, and fire power as you progress, picking up newer and more powerful ships on the way. Battle your way through rounds and earn materials and money in order to push yourself forward. The battling in this game is insanely fun and full bodied, as there are a plethora of weapons and ships to choose from.

There are a few gripes, however. The controls are pretty cumbersome and slow. This one of the games where the ship, the gun and the camera all move independently of one another, meaning that more often than not, you might find yourself aiming forward, but sailing backward. Also, you’ll find yourself fighting with the auto aim feature. Another gripe is the fact that there are a handful of currencies, where most apps have two. These aren’t game breakers, and shouldn’t ruin the overall experience of the game. If you want some non stop action in real-time multiplayer matches, then Battle Bay is worth a shot!


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