Model number for a Galaxy S8 Active shows up on a User Agent String.

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The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are proving to be some of the hottest devices of early 2017. They’re Samsung’s most robust and feature rich devices, but nothing’s perfect. The S8 is a grand device, but unlike its competitor, the LG G6, it is not meant to take a beating. Anyone using the phone should really baby it, as its glass-on-glass construction lends itself to scratches and cracks. If only there were some sort of tougher, ruggedized version of the S8 for those who lives life in the tough. Well, there’s one in the works.

Thanks to the leakster Roland Quandt, we have confirmation that there is a Galaxy S8 Active in the works. A User Agent String was spotted with this Samsung phone model number: SM-G892A. For a bit of perspective, the model number of the S6 Active is SM-G890A, and the model number for the S7 Active is SM-G891A. Starting with the Galaxy S5, Samsung has been releasing an “Active” version of their handsets. These phones were built with sturdy materials that made the phone stand up to whatever abuse thrown its way. They’re shock resistant and water resistant. The bulky, muscular designs of the phones didn’t subtract any premium features, so they were always running the same specs as their more fragile siblings, and still sporting the same displays.

It only makes sense for the company to release a tougher version of their S8. Those who want powerful specs, but are self confessed klutzes would love to have the S8 Active. Not only that, but those who face the elements, whether for work reasons or recreational reason, would feel better knowing that their device can take it. If it launches, it may be a challenge ruggedizing the device while keeping that “Infinity Display.” I imagine the company sticking to a default screen with sharp corners, but retaining that 18.5:9 aspect ratio. It won’t look as sleek and sexy, but it’ll serve its purpose. The hardware buttons present in previous iterations of the Active phones may make return, but this is just speculation. If anything should change, it should be the placement of the fingerprint scanner. Samsung has a chance to place it in a better spot. Other than that, there’s nothing that should be tweaked with this phone. Or should there? Let me know in the comments below.


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