Leaked Benchmark scores of the Google Pixel 2 (Taimen) pop up.

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The Google Pixel proved that Google and HTC can collaborate on creating a stellar device. The Pixel and Pixel XL are regarded as some of the best smartphones of 2016, and it’s a no brainer that there’s going to be another iteration of the brand. The first Pixel and Pixel XL were codenamed Merlin and Sailfish respectively, and the codename for the newest one is “Tamie.” A leaked image of this device’s Benchmark score tells us a little bit about the device.

First off we see that the Taimen has a single core performance rating of 1804, and a multi core performance rating of 6248. For reference, the single core and multi core scores for the Snapdragon powered Galaxy S8 are 1929, and 6084 respectively. This means that it’s a few steps behind the most powerful Android smartphone currently out. One thing to notice is that on the image, the processor is marked as “1 processor with 8 cores.” The Snapdragon 835 has four cores, meaning that Google may not be opting for the latest and greatest. It’ll run Android O out of the box, which should come as no surprise. Other information is that this phone, or at least this particular variant, will have 4 GB’s or RAM. Not much else is explained. We’re all excited to see if Google will knock it out of the park this time around. Hopefully, this will prove to be as good or better than the Pixel and Pixel XL. Are you guys excited for this device? Let me know in the comments below.


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