Google Home is getting 4 new features announced at Google I/O

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Google Home was launched just over six months ago and it’s proving to be a useful tool, utilizing the power of Google’s Assistant to perform many tasks to help you along with your day. It was advertised last year to be an all-arounder, but at Google I/O 2017, it was announced that it will be getting four new big features to augment its usability.


Google​ Home is a tool which is meant to help you out with tasks upon a simple command, but what if it helped you without being asked? The first new feature added on is called “Proactive Assistance”. As the name implies, Google Home will proactively notify you of events, traffic situations, weather and other relevant information as it pertains to you. For example, during the the presentation, we saw Google Home tell a mother that there was rough traffic, and that she needed to leave home in fourteen minutes if she wanted to get to her location in time. It analyzed her calendar, the traffic, and her location in order to come to that conclusion. This is incredibly useful, as it’s like having an assistant that knows all and sees all. We are going to have to wait to see the extent of this feature, but when it comes, it’ll be exciting learning how this affects the overall experience.


For the longest time, you could easily make phone calls from using your voice via your phone, but Google Home is getting the ability for you to make calls straight from the device itself. It’s as simple as saying, “Ok Google, call mom.” Your call will, of course, be made entirely through the speaker, and not simply be relayed to phone. It’s done over internet and is completely free. What’s nice is the fact the Google Home will recognize whoever’s voice is making the command and call people specifically from their contacts. This means that you can say “call mom” and get your mom, but if your mom says the same command, it’ll call her mom.


One aspect of Google Home is its music capabilities. It has a set of powerful speakers, so why not use them to their full extent? Google Home is adding support for different music streaming services like Spotify, Sound cloud, and Deezer. With this, will come bluetooth capabilities, meaning you can stream music to your bluetooth enabled device right from Google Home.


Google Home doesn’t have a display of its own, but you have displays all around you. Visual responses is a way for Google Home to leverage the displays that you have at your disposal: your smartphone, tablet, or Chromecast enabled Tv. You can tell Google Home to search something up on the Map, and it will send the information straight to your phone, which is good if you are heading out and want to get quick directions before you leave. This feature can also send information to your Chromecast. Say, you want to look up a Youtube video, Home will send it to your Tv, quick and simple. This will be explored thoroughly, as YouTube TV is going to be supported.

These features are just a few more assets that Google Home has. They will become available in the coming weeks, so those of you who want to know first hand how these affect the Google Home experience won’t have to wait too much longer. If you’re9 interesetd in getting one, Goole Home retails for about $129 – $149 at most places. It’s not a bad buy, so feel free to look it up!


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