A new patent from Samsung points to a phone with a wrap-around display.

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The Galaxy S8 duo is out and about, and the Note 8 will most likely be upon us, but those aren’t the only projects that Samsung is working on. The company continues to invest its time and energy into making truly flexible and foldable displays. Sure, we have curved OLED TV’s and curved edges for phones, but what I’m talking about are screen that can literally be folded or rolled up like a piece of paper and still be in working order. Last year, we saw a rush of patents dealing with foldable and flexible displays from Samsung; so many that we actually speculated that there was going to be a flexible phone launched this year at MWC. That didn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean that they’re slowing down.

This report comes from Patently Mobile, and it shows that Samsung has recently submitted a patent application for a phone with a full wrap-around display. Taking their curved edge display mechanism up about five notches, the display will bleed over the sides completely and extend all the way through the back. Why reduce side bezles when you can get rid them completely? This will essentially create two displays to use on the phone. From the looks of the picture, it looks the side(s) of the device will be used as a place for shortcuts and maybe other functions. The app shortcuts on the side are projected to act as though they’re being used for split screen multitasking, meaning that if you want to use it, you simply hold it and drag it to what ever screen that you want to use

What’s interesting is the fact that one of the images present in the application shows a detailed overview of the internals, and one of the sections was marked as “Pen sensor” meaning that this phone, if it ever makes it to markets, will probably be of the Note series.
If this phone ever makes it to hands, it’ll have a lot going for it, but a lot going against it. For starters, this is an interesing idea, but a device with twice as much screen means that it’s twice as likely to get damaged. Dropping the phone on either side will mean the potential for loss of active screen real estate. If the phone were to be dropped on its side, then the crack could spread throughout the entire screen. Adding to this is the fact that if you’re going to be constantly flipping your phone from front to back, there’s going to be a lot of hand gymnastics, leading to more risk of drops. Another thing will be palm rejection. It’ll most likely be hard for the phone to determine exactly how much of the screen will have need to be used, seeing as you hands will be on half of the screen. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room: BATTERY LIFE! With more than twice the screen to power, how will Samsung cope without adding in a 7,000 mAh battery?

These are just a few potential issues that could arise if this phone hits the market. But what do you think? Would you buy a phone like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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