Lenovo’s acquisition was huge for Motorola, the design of their smartphones began to change, and a new line of devices was made. Now, that’s all fine and dandy except not everything has improved with this acquisition. Updates take longer to be pushed out, and Lenovo even said they would eventually fade out the ‘Motorola’ name entirely only to reverse this a few months later.

One thing the Lenovo acquisition hasn’t touched is the deal between Motorola and Verizon concerning exclusive devices for the carrier, until now that is. Last year the original Moto Z and Z Force were exclusive to Big Red as the Moto Z Droid and Z Force Droid, but according to Evan Blass the Z2 Force won’t be exclusive to any one US carrier, and he even goes as far as saying that T-Mobile will carry the device.

There’s also word going around that Sprint will carry the Z2 Force, and they’ll be bringing Cat. 16 download speeds which also means the Z2 Force will be equipped with a Snapdragon 835. Some other rumored specs include a dual rear camera setup, dual-LED front facing flash, and the usual fingerprint scanner placement below the display. The Z2 Force will also have a slightly bigger footprint then it’s predecessor, but it’ll still retain the same 5.5-inch display. Speaking of the display, it’s expected to come equipped with Motorola’s ShatterShield technology similar to last year. Interestingly, the device will be thinner than last year’s model, but the headphone jack will be making a return, and as you can see by the prongs on the back of the phone; Motorola’s Moto Mods are making a return.

Do these leaked specs and images entice you to pick up the Moto Z2 Force when it launches, and does the possible increase in availability make it worth the high price tag its bound to carry?\

Source: Android Authority, Evan Blass via Twitter