New early access app, Lifeslice, looks to fill that void left by Vine.

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“Make videos, together.” That’s the moto of this app in development called Lifeslice. This is an app that encourages people to create short videos of themselves and share them with others. These short clips are called “Slices” and anyone apt at making Vine videos should feel right at home. Upon starting the app, you’re greeted by videos of two ladies (most likely developers) telling you to sign up. After doing so, you’re thrown into the fray. What gives Lifeslice a bit of uniqueness is the fact that there are themes that you make your slices based on; themes encouraging you to sing, show off your accent, jump, view yourself from different angles, share your hobbies, share your hidden talents, ask questions and so much more.

Creating a video is simple and straight forward. There are some fun features available for you to edit your video: you can post resizable emoji’s, paint over the video, add text, mute and unmute it, and trim it.

As for performance, do note that this is an unfinished, early access app, so expect bugs; and there are a few of them. The app runs smoothly when it comes to navigating, but video playback is iffy about half the time, so don’t get discouraged if you’re having trouble. It’s stable enough for you to get  the feeling for what the app is all about. For those who like this type of app, don’t hesitate to get first dibs on it and give the developers some helpful feedback.



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