The Google Pixel’s camera software originally was made for Google Glass

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You’ll still remember Google Glass right, those cool futuristic glasses that came out of Google’s X Labs and they costed a fortune? Well, X Labs published a blog post stating that when they were trying to create a camera for Glass they wanted it to at least be on par with a decent smartphone camera as Glass could’ve one day been used by the likes of doctors to assist in performing surgeries and other various activities. Normally to achieve flagship smartphone camera quality a bigger sensor would be in order, but Glass needed to be light, and not fall of your face, so a bigger sensor wasn’t an option. X Labs eventually came up with a solution now know as Gcam.

Since improving hardware wasn’t an option, tweaking the software was the only way to go, and they did that by creating a method called “image fusion” where the sensor takes multiple pictures, and merges them into a single photo while taking each of the photo’s best qualities and fusing them all together.

If you’re familiar with camera technology and photography, then this probably sounds familiar. It’s basically HDR, and it’s actually called HDR+ in Google’s camera app and which first debut in the Nexus 5 camera app, and it’s still have it here in the Pixel.

The Google Glass project may have been a flop, but a piece of it still lives on today.

Source: X Labs Blog, Android Authority


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