Nintendo’s newest addition to its slowly growing mobile library launched a couple of months ago… for the iOS store, and it was a hit… for the iOS store. Those of us clutching our Android devices, wondering when it was going to launch for the Play store were left in the dust. In case you haven’t completely given up on getting to play it, you’ll be happy to know that it has finally become available for download from the play store.

The game is a take on the console titles with a few traits borrows from mobile games. Playing involes tapping alone (the games boats that it can be played with only one hand) with Mario jumping on or over enemies and obstacles just like any classic Mario game. It’s only real mobile feature will be its one in-app purchase to unlock the full game ($9.99 USD), but other than that, it’s a full fledge game. It’s a faithful reimagination of the Wii and Wii U titles, with similar music, sound effects and graphical style. There are twenty-four levels spread across six worlds, with Boss levels at the end of each. Far less than the the console games, but each levels’ replayability factor is high, as each stage has you going back to try perfecting runs collecting all of the five purple coins spread through out each level (and they can get pretty hard to collect.) There’s a fun mini game called “Toad Rally” Which has you playing stages against the best run times of opponents from around the world- not in realtime though.
There are many more features to the game that you may enjoy. There is a rather large download after installing and finishing the training level, so those with slow or limited data be warned.