There are always great apps on the way in the Play store, and this latest batch of games for pre-registration have some exciting selections.

1) Injustice 2.

The console release of Injustice 2 is approaching, and it’s got the gaming world in a buzz. In light of this, Nether Realm Studios is gearing up to launch a mobile version of the game. We saw this happen with the first Injustice game a few years back, and it resulted in an all around good game. Injustice 2 promises to expand on the first game and add new characters, new ways to upgrade the characters, and more ways to fight. Definitely a game to look forward to if you’re a fan of the franchise.


2) Futurama: Worlds of tomorrow. 

Futurama fans rejoice! It seems that our favorite twenty-third century delivery service is getting ready for another hilarious misadventure. Last year’s “Game of Drones” was a funny and qwirky take on the Futurama gang in the match-3 style of gameplay. Worlds of Tomorrow doesn’t have a lot of information posted, but those daring enough to see what is in store form the creators of “Famity Guy: The Quest for Stuff” will surely be on the lookout for this game.


3) Temple Run: Treasure Hunters

The infinitely popular infinite runner, Temple Run, has just gotten a new iteration, but it’s not quite what people would expect. Temple Run: Treasure Hunters is a new match-3 game from the franchise. Looking more like bejeweled than anything else, Treasure Hunters has you matching precious gems in order to make groups of three or more. It’s going to be heavily based on the Temple Run world, with characters form the series, (even the monsters) and the ultimate goal being snagging that golden idol that’s been presen since the first title. The game boasts features like character upgrades and boosts, and incredible 3D action. Not all games fit well as a match-3 game, but so far, Treasure Hunters seems like it’ll be something worth getting.


4) Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed

Another popular game franchise that’s finally making it to mobile, Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is up for pre-registration. So far it seems like it will stay true to the main iterations of the series, with its high impact, hack-n-slash action that made the series popular. Boasting over eighty officers from the franchise, and an “emotional” story, we can expect this to be an epic and well fleshed out game. With multiple game modes, some of which likely to involve multiplayer action, this will be a title to beat.


This list should get you guys hyped up. As always, keep on the lookout for, and the official Tech Leagues Youtube Channel coming soon!