With a new movie close at hand, the Power Rangers universe is getting a lot of attention. Aside from the movie itself, one point of interest is in the mobile app space. Recently launched from the nWay Inc. library is Power Rangers: Legacy Wars. Far from what most of us would expect from a Power Ragners game, Legacy Wars is a one on one fighting game. Consisting of a commendable roster of rangers from multiple series’, including the new movie, you can build up a small dream team of your favorite Power Rangers. With it, you have the usual mobile game tropes like multiple currencies, in-app purchases, upgradable characters, chests, events and more.
What’s most notable about this game is the way that the fighting is done. Instead of tapping the screen vigourusly, like you would do on the Injustice app, or the Mortal Kombat X app, you are presented with more of a Clash Royale type of gameplay. You have a selection three attacks on the bottom right of the screen. You tap on one to execute the it. Each attack uses a bit of the energy that’s represented by a meter in the middle of the screen. Nothing all too innovative, but it’s an interesting decision to use it in a game such as this. Definitely worth a shot!

Also, keep a look out for the Techleagues Youtube channel coming soon!

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