We may FINALLY learn the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires this monh.

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It seemed like a lifetime ago when reports of Galaxy Note 7’s cathing fire started popping up all over the news. Samsung handled the situation well by getting as many of those devices out of peoples’ hands as  possible, and trying to forget that the darn thing ever existed, but there’s still one thing left hanging in the air: what was the cause? Theories began sprouting all over the web, (including one that recently came to light) which attempt to explain why these phones were catching fire, but we tend to take those with a grain of salt. Well, according to sources from The Korean Herald, the official cause is set to be revealed to us before the end of January.
The American based safety organization, UL, and Korea’s own testing lab, KTL, are conducting an investigation into why the Note 7’s were catching fire. They’re both investigating separately, but will eventually compare notes at the end in order to come to a conclusion. The source went on to say that the announcement will likely be made between January 10th and the 31st. That’s quite some time to wait, but this announcement means that both of these organizations are getting closer to finding the cause of these fires. KTL will likely be the ones to present the final results.
With the results of this investigation will come new rules and restrictions set by the South Korean government. A government official stated, “The government is preparing a revision to safely regulations to prevent a similar accident from occurring.” This is fortunate, not only for Samsung, but for all other companies that produce smartphones. Anything that can prevent any further problems such as this should be employed. When the final results are posted, Tech Leagues will surely be there to tell you, so be sure to keep up with us on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates to this story. Also, if you want to join our team and become a writer, Apply here.


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