Tech Leagues is looking for writers!

Posted on Posted in Uncategorized has come a long way since I created it, thanks in no small part to you readers, and we’re still moving forward. In fact, there are some changes in the works for the site right now! But in order to aid in the progression of the site, we’re looking to add on to our small yet affective team. We’re looking for inspirited writers with a passion for technology (smartphone and/or computer) who are willing report on news, and share their knowledge. If you have a love for technology, and feel that you can contribute, then feel free to apply!

It’s a simple application process. Experience is not required, and you will not be judged based on how much schooling you have. [In fact, I encourage new writers to apply!]
There’s a field where you add a sample of your work. This is the most useful field when figuring out your skills, so I encourage you to write down some of your work. If you are new, and have nothing to present, just type in the word “new” and I’ll work with you. You will NOT be judged negatively if you type in “new.”

It’s important to note that for the time being, Tech Leagues does not offer paid positions unfortunately. But that’s subject to change in the future, so don’t let that deter you! We’re working on increasing traffic to our site, which will eventually allow for monetization, which will create income. Just stick with us and we’ll be able to provide pay in the future.
There are rules against fowl language (Nothing you wouldn’t hear on TV, and keep it to a minimum) Inappropriate content (Don’t post a review for best porn app), plagiarism (self explanatory), and biased content (Don’t say you don’t like a product because the company sucks)

Overall, this should prove to be a growing experience for those who want to break into the world of tech journalism. Tech leagues is expanding to be more than just a site, branching out to other forms of media, and contribution from more people will help immensely in that process. We will eventually (hopefully) reach the caliber of the likes of Android Authority and Pocket Now. You never know!

Click HERE to go to the application page. You will be contacted as soon as possible.


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