Android Wear 2.0 set to drop on February 9th, along with two Google smartwatches

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Android Wear 2.0 was originally set to drop some time at the end of last year, then Google announced that it would be delayed until early 2017, and now we finally have a date thanks to very credible leaker, Evan Blass. In case you don’t remember, Android Wear 2.0 is set to bring stand alone apps, an app store, a better messaging experience, including a built-in keyboard, better notifications, and a more polished interface. Chances are, you’re not going to get the update right away on February 9th, depending on what watch you have, it could take days or even weeks before the update hits your watch.

Last year we also saw leaked images of two Google smartwatch that were rumored to launch along side Android Wear 2.0, and now they’re making their second appearance. An article written by Evan Blass via VentureBeat sayst that Google has teamed up with LG to manufacture two Android Wear watches in a Nexus-like partnership. LG is calling these watches the LG Watch Sport, and LG Watch Style. Both watches feature round, plastic OLED displays, but with a 1.38 inch, 480 x 480 display, the Watch Sport is the higher end of the two devices. The Watch Style has a slightly smaller display coming in at 1.2 incches, and a resolution of 360 x 360. The Watch Style also has less RAM at 512MB, versus the Watch Sports’s 768MB. The internal storage is the same across the board though, coming in at the standard 4GB. The Watch Sport also has almost double the battery compacity (430 mAh) of the Watch Style (240 mAh). Both devices will come packed with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, but the Watch Sport is set to have the option for 3G and LTE data, as well NFC and GPS. The former used to take advantage of Android Pay in Android Wear 2.0. Furthermore, both watches are set to have Google assistant out of the box, and an ingress protection rating of 67 or 68 respectively.

Are you guys excited for Android Wear 2.0, and do you plan on picking up either of these watches once they become available and pricing is revealed? Let me know in the comments below.

Sources: Android Police, VentureBeat


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