Tech gifts under $50 for the holiday season

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The holidays are just around the corner, and if you still don’t have a gift for those special people in your life, and you don’t want to break the bank, then look no further. Here are some hot holiday gifts to give under $50.

The first device on the list is tWireless charger.jpghe RAVPower Qi Wireless Charging Pad. The RAVPower Charging pad uses the Qi wireless charging standard so it’ll work with pretty much any smartphone that supports wireless charging. There’s also a silicon pad in the center of the charger to prevent your device from slipping if you accidentally bump the charger. You can get the RAVPower Qi Wireless Charging Pad on Amazon for about $18, but if you’re willing to spend two dollars more you can get the RAVPower Wireless Charging Pad with a 5,000 mAh battery inside. If that confuses you, it’s basically a battery pack with wireless charging capabilities, so you either plug your phone or tablet into the battery pack, or you can just lie it on top to charge it wirelessly.

If your loved ones or your friends have been, not so subtly askMi Band 2.jpging you to get them a smartwatch this holiday season, and you don’t want to spend upwards of $200, then the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is probably your best bet. Coming in at about $40 on Amazon, the Mi Band 2 has a 0.42 inch OLED, Scratch, and anti-fingerprint display (or so Xiaomi claims). The device also sports an IP 67 rating for dust and water resistance, so it won’t die on you if you get stuck in the rain while you’re wearing it. There’s also a heart rate monitor on board, but like most wearables equipped with one, it isn’t going to be spot on. The Mi Band 2 also comes equipped with impressive sleep tracking capabilities, a 70 mAh battery, which Xiaomi claims can last up to 20 days on a single charge, and you can keep track of your steps, sleep, and hear rate from the Mi Fit app, which is available on iOS and Android.

These next few items are for your nephew or niece who keJBL.jpgep breaking their earbuds or anyone who just likes to listen to music. First, we have the JBL T290 wired earbuds. These earbuds come equipped with a 8.7 mm driver inside, a microphone for voice commands or answering calls, and a flat tangle free cord. You can purchase these earbuds in black, gold, rose gold, or silver on JBL UK for about 25 euros, or you can get two pairs at Sam’s Club here in the U.S for about $30, but you can only get them there in rose gold, black, or silver.

Bullets V2.jpgThe last two audio peripherals are from the bold smartphone company OnePlus. The first pair of earbuds are the in ear, wired OnePlus Bullets V2. OnePlus partnered with the German Audio experts at LOFO on the production of the Bullets, and they look very premium..Oneplus says that the Bullets are fitted with a “ARYPHAN polyarylate diaphragm”, and the Bullets also feature an aluminum coil wrapped in high-end Japanese black copper. OnePlus says that the aluminum coil will bring out the tiniest details in the
music that you’re listening to. The Bullets also include an in-line remote for easier control of your music. You can get these earbuds for about $20 on OnePlus’s site.

If you want something a little more high end, but you’re now memorized by the glorious design of the Bullets, then you should check out the OnePlus Icons. The Icons are a little more pricey, coming in at $49.99, but OnePlus is emphasizinIcons.jpgg the fact that these earbuds come equipped with an 11 mm driver that OnePlus says will deliver fuller and richer bass. The design of these earbuds look stunning. Oneplus took cues form the organ piano for the design for these earbuds. The Icons also include an in-line remote as well as a microphone for voice commands or taking calls.

The last items on the list is the Tile Mate and the Tile Slim. In case you never heard of Tile, they sell small Bluetooth trackers for keys, backpacks, luggage, etc. How it works is, if you lost something, and you’re within 100 feet of it you can ring the tile from your phone, and it Tile Mate.pngalso works the other way around. If you can’t find your phone you can double press any of your Tiles to make your phone ring even when it’s on silent. Now I know what you’re thinking, what if I’m more than 100 feet away from my Tile? Well the Tile app will remember the last place your Tile was before it got disconnected, and if the thing you lost isn’t where you left it, you can turn on the “Notify When Found” function, and if anyone else who has a Tile passes by your missing item, then you’ll get a notification with your Tile’s location. The Tile is perfect for anyone you know who frequently misplaces things, and you can up a Tile Mate for $25, or a Tile Slim for $30. The only difference between the Mate and the Slim is that the Mate is meant to be hooked onto keys or backpacks, while the Slim is meant for wallets or purses. The pricing is a little steep, but if you tend to misplace things, it might be worth it.


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