Poll Recap: Should USB-C be the only port on devices?

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The USB Type-C port standard is becoming a trend across devices, whether it be phones, laptops, or audio and storage peripherals. Unfortunately with the rise of USB-C, older ports like USB-A and the headphone jack are becoming obsolete. This is because USB Type-C is compatible with a more variety of devices than any other standard, and data transfer speeds are faster than any of the older USB standards. Not to mention that it’s far more convenient to plug in a USB-C cable in the dark, thanks to the symmetrical shape of the port, but right now we’re in this very frustrating transition phase where adapters and dongles are needed.

In response to this unfortunate transition phase, we’ve put out a poll asking whether or not USB-C should be the only port on devices, and here are the results: about 62% of you said that USB Type-C should be the only port, and all others should be obsolete, and about 38% of you said that the more variety of ports the better. More people like the idea of USB-C becoming the dominant port, and that’s the way things seem to be  heading, so what’s the problem?

Sidney Rutledge on Google+ said,

“It’s completely unacceptable on a computer. There is zero excuse for this.
On a phone…maybe, but on a tablet, there’s plenty of space to have a couple more ports. There is no reason to take up so much bandwidth on a single cable by connecting four devices to a single USB C port. I could see it working if everything were reasonably standardized, but with companies like Apple constantly making their own crappy standards, it’s never going to work. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind USB C: smaller, cheaper, less numerous. Those are the three enemies of electronics. Smaller means harder to hold, harder to cool, etc. Cheaper means that they don’t care about the consumer and are just cutting costs for themselves. Less numerous…does this one need an explanation It’s all around a bad idea. Yes, the USB standard needs to update, no, it does not need to take over our precious HDMI and analog audio ports.”

Basically what Sidney is saying is that if the device has the space, there really is no excuse for that device not to have a variety of ports. Sidney also says that USB-C is great as an incremental upgrade to the USB standard, but it doesn’t need to be going around and taking over other ports like HDMI or the headphone jack.

However, there is two sides to every argument, so on the flip side,

“USB-C is indeed the future of our devices, and at one point all of our devices will have this port. We’re just at the unfortunate transition stage currently where adapters are needed. Once we have reached the USB-C future, we will be glad that we got rid of all of these ports because we’ll have one port that does everything.” Said Grant Cai on Google+.

Like it or not USB Type-C is the future, and maybe once we get to that future we’ll be glad that we made the change, and maybe that horrible era of dongles was worth it.



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