Leaked render of the LG G6 shows us a detailed 360 degree view.

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Samsung has a lot riding on its Galaxy S8, but there’s another company who’s next phone is very important. LG has had better years. It’s managed to keep its head above water ,despite the fact that it’s seeing some bad losses at the moment. The G5 tanked, leaving the company in a bad spot. The V20 proved to the masses that LG can still make a quality device, but it’s going to take more than that to bring the Korean company back up to speed. Enter, the LG G6! A lot of us are anxious to see how this phone will look and how it will stack up to the flagships yet to come in 2017. Well, a freshly leaked render of the device gives us a good idea of how it will look.

This render shows the phone from all angles, slowly rotating a full 360 degrees. First, we see the front of the device, and then two shots of the back. Right off the bat, we see that the design continues the design language that was started with the G5, but with some notable differences. The front is clean, as is with all LG phones. We see the front facing camera, the speaker and proximity sensor on the top, and gone is that slight curve of the top bezel present in the G5. There’s still the LG logo on the bottom, which does not look detachable, meaning that the G6 is likely not going to be modular. As for the sides, there seems to be a metal trim that surrounds the phone with a slight chamfer on the front adding a slight aesthetic flair. Looking at the top of the device, we see that there will be a headphone jack. Next to it looks to be a microphone. Unfortunate for some, there does not appear to be an IR blaster. The volume keys are located on the right side, in typical LG fashion. On the left side, we see the card slot, and on the bottom, we have the USB type-C port flanked by the single bottom firing speaker and a microphone.
The back shows us a familiar, yet wildly different site. We have the dual camera setup that’s found in the G5 and the V20. It resembles them both, but is unique. It’s more rectangular, as opposed to the ovular shape found on the G5 and V20. The two cameras are on either side of the duel tone flash. What’s also different is the fact that it’s flush with the body; this could mean the phone will be a bit thicker than its predecessors. Under the camera package is the fingerprint scanner/power button. The back looks to be made of a metallic material in the first shot, but in the second shot, it looks like glossy glass, so we can probably expect multiple variants. The glass makes more sense, as there are no signs of any antenna lines. There are oh-so subtle curves on the edges of the back where the glass (or metal) meets the trim.
This render tells us that LG is sticking true to this new design, which is something I actually counted on (I wrote an article about this months ago, when I wrote on a different site.) Of course, this isn’t the final version, and some changes may occur between now and its unveiling. If this phone performs as nicely as it looks, then it should sell well, but that’s just my opinion. What’s yours? What do you guys think of this latest iteration of LG’s design language? Let me know in the comments below.


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