Dawn of Titans FINALLY makes it to America for Pre-registration

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It’s definetely a long time coming. The epic mobile MMO, Dawn of Titans, was announced some time ago, and it seemed like it would never launch in the states. How long ago was it announced? E3 2015! Yes, more than a full year ago. They showcased some of the gameplay and graphics at the event and said that they were going to release it later in 2015. They did, but it just wasn’t in the United States.

This is a real time battle based game which takes place in a mythical ancient world. The point is to build up a massive army and wage war against other people’s armies. Most of the battling is done by your troops, but the story here is the Titans. These guys tower over you troops and deal massive damage to enemy troops, literally sending them flying. It’s meant to be a large scale game, meaning thousands of troops on screen at once, all doing battle in real time with the titans wreaking havoc on enemy troops. The graphics are amazing the gameplay is simple. Those of us who were there when Dawn of Titans was first announced can rejoice. It’s coming out this month and you can pre-register for the game HERE.


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