A set of leaks pop up, showing Blackberry’s promised QWERTY phone.

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John Chen, the CEO of Blackberry, said in an interview with Bloomberg that there was one more phone designed by the company in the works that will sport a physical keyboard. That was back in September, and now, in December, something has come up. A fresh set of leaked images has just hit the web and they show the phone, codenamed “Mercury”, in the wild.



From the looks of the photos, the phone has quite an eclectic design, but it’s pulled of with a certain elegance. It has a similar design to the Priv, with its suble curves on the edges of the display, but there are some significant differences. First off, there’s no sliding mechanism that was present in the Priv. The keyboard is out front and exposed. Because of this, the screen is a bit small compared to the body of the phone. The Priv was an all plastic device, but with the Mercury, it looks like it will be a metal phone. There’s a metal trim that surrounds the device and widens at the top to create a top bezel. It’s hard to tell whether this trim extends to the back, but look at the bottom of the phone on the left and right sides. You’ll notice what looks like the ends of antenna lines, which are required for metal phones be able to pick up a signal; you’ll also notice them at the top. The top bezel houses a single front facing speaker, and flanking it are the front facing camera on the left and the microphone and what looks to be the proximity sensor on the right. We have buttons on either side of the deivce; the volumer rocker on the top right, and two additional buttons. One of them is the power button, of course, but the other one is yet unkmown. The wallpaper on the phone implies that’s it’ll be running Nougat.

So far, this looke like an intersting device, and it’s reminiscent of the Blackberry devices of old times. Do you think this device is a worthy last cry for the company? Does it look like a phone you would buy? Let me know in the comments below.


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