The History of Google from the very Beginning

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Google, when you hear Google what do you think of? The average person would say “a search engine” or “Android”, but Google is so much more than that. Google spans from a search engine all the way to self driving cars. Google started off like almost every other big corporation, an idea. Google was an idea that just kept growing and growing, but how did Google get to where it is today? Well take a seat, because it’s time for a history lesson. Keep in mind that I won’t be covering every little thing or else this article would end up going on forever, so I’ll just mention the big accomplishments and breakthroughs, so with that let’s get started.

First, the two guys that started it all, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page and Brin met at Stanford in 1995, and just a year later in 1996 Larry and Sergey started collaborating on a search engine called BackRub. BackRub operated on Stanford serves until it eventually took up too much bandwidth. Then on September 15, 1997 Page and Brin registered as a domain, and in August of the following year, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Andy Bechtolsheim wrote a check for $100,000 to a company that didn’t exist yet, Google Inc. One month after that Larry and Sergey filed for incorporation in California.

After Google filed for incorporation everything just took off from there. In September of 2000 Google New York became a thing, and started off in a Starbucks with a one person sales team, and then just a month later Google launches Google AdWords with 350 customers. Now how about we fast forward a few years to April 1, 2004 when Google launched Gmail as an invite-only service, then in February of the following year Google Maps goes live, and is now is used by millions of people daily. Then in 2006 Google decides to purchase the now popular content creation and consumption service, YouTube.

Google grows rapidly with its launch of Android in November of 2007, then in May of 2008 Google hosts its first Google I/O developer conference. Later that year in September Google showcases Android on the T-Mobile G1, and Google also launched Google Chrome for Windows. Two years later in January 2010 Google announces the Nexus One to showcase to app developers what’s possible with Android. Then in October Google further attempts to expand with the announcement that they have developed a new technology for self driving cars.

In May of 2011 Google takes another step into hardware with the launch of the Chromebook. The first two of Google’s partners to release one was Samsung and Acer. Then in October of the same year Google releases Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which was designed to work on both phones and tablets. In February of the following year Google launches Chrome on Android and three months later on iOS. Then in May Google acquires Motorola, who will help create a stunning piece of hardware in the future, but until then we got the once popular Nexus 7 tablet in June of that same year. In September of 2013 Android passes the 1 billion device activation milestone which rolls right into October when released the LG Nexus 5, and Android 4.4 KitKat. A year later Google releases Android 5.0 Lollipop to the masses, as well the Nexus 6 manufactured by Motorola, the Nexus 9 by HTC, and the Nexus Player by Asus, and the rest as they say, is history.


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