The Galaxy S8 will come in two variants, but not how we expected.

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Starting with last year’s Galaxy S6, Samsung has been launching a duo of devices, one with a regular flat display, and one with those signature curves. This year’s Galaxy S7 saw the same thing happen, but with the curved device having a slightly bigger 5.5 inch display, putting it at the door step of the phablet market. With the time whittling away until the Galaxy S8 sees the light of day, rumors are popping up that there will be a team of two devices, but things will be a bit different.

Thanks to Evan Blass, we have reason to believe that both variants of the S8 will have the curved display. The main difference between these phones will be size. The smaller one will probably be sporting a 5.7 inch display; the SMALLER one! The larger one will be a whopping 6.2 inches. At that size, it’ll almost be walking the line between the phablet market and tablet market. This brings into question if Samsung thinks that enough people will like these large phones. The 5.2 inch Galaxy S7 is considered relatively small these days, but it’s a comfortable phone. Cutting out that size all together may alienate some of Samsung’s loyal consumers.

While the displays of the S8 duo will both be curved, there may be a difference between them. What it’s looking like is the smaller S8 will have a display more related to the S7 Edge, but the larger one will go bezeless. A risky move, but Samsung has been great about keeping their large devices feeling small because of their good use of small bezels; they’re going to have to if they want people to be able to use the 6.2 inch variant comfortably.

The S8 is approaching, and rumors are pouring in about it. It’s a hot topic that’s getting hotter with each passing minute. This is an important device for the company, as the after shocks of the Note 7 disaster are still being felt by the company and the smartphone users. Will this bring Samsung back from its unfortunate slump? Only time will tell. As always, keep tuned to Tech Leagues for more news as this unfolds.

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