Samsung may be thinking about selling refurbished Note 7’s that didn’t explode.

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Third time’s the charm… right? After two abortive attempts at putting the ever popular Galaxy Note 7 into the hands of the masses, we all thought that Samsung had finally washed their hands of the device. According to an unknown source, it seems that that may not be the case. While it’s died down to a whisper at this point, the whole exploding Galaxy Note 7 calamity was all over the news not too long ago. Samsung had sold over two million phones to people, then had to recall them… twice. The company had to then put all of its energy into its upcoming Galaxy S8, leaving the Note 7 to die out.

Thanks to an unknown source, Samsung may be considering taking the re-returned units, refurbishing them and selling them back to the masses yet again starting sometime in 2017. What will be different this time around is the fact that Samsung itself will be conducting quality tests on the units, as opposed to using any third party companies. This is risky, as the cause of the explosions is STILL a mystery. The investigation has been going on for weeks now, but no clues have presented themselves. Could reselling the volatile devices to the public be safe, even if they’ve been “refurbished?” A lot of us are still waiting to see what the cause of the explosions is. Well, we’ll know more about this attempt at reselling the Note 7’s when they launch, or when or when the cause s found out- which ever one comes first. But what do you guys think? Do you think that’s is a good idea to sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s, even when the cause is still unknown? Do you think people will buy? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung may be thinking about selling refurbished Note 7’s that didn’t explode.

  1. Yes I’m a great admire of Samsung product plus I’m a loyal customers since I know who Samsung was .but we all have a little mistake on life but cause of that they shouldn’t put down that note 7..I was willing to buy even wen I heard about damages units. But nobody is perfect. .good luck to all the crew at Samsung 😊😊😊

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