5 Minimalists Andriod Games

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Sometimes, it’s as simple as drawing a line or tossing ball or tapping on the screen to have a good time. Minimalist app are light on raw story and content, but heavy on fun with their straight forward concepts and easy to grasp mechanics. Here is a list of five minimalist apps that are sure to get you addicted.


1.) Rop  th6djzaj92

Not only super simple, but slightly dark and somber, Rop is a game that tests your brain quite a bit. The screen is split into two halves, top and bottom, each with a hexagon. On the top half, the hexagon has a shape displayed. On the bottom, the hexagon has one or several movable ropes. The point of the game is to replicate the shape above using the ropes provided below. Starting off with basic shapes, you go through the levels with elevating difficulty, of course. The shapes don’t get too intricate, but the selection of ropes you have get to be more and more complicated. The monochromatic color scheme and the slow and dark music gives a nice tone overall.

Download it here.


2.) Cut_n_Hack  94017932-043e-49db-a8db-32086c1ba9cc-730x430

Hacking is anything but simple, but this app makes child’s play out of it. Cut_n_Hack is a game that’s, in several respects, the polar opposite of Rop, with its up beat music, faster gameplay and bright and vivid colors. Not centering on actual hacking per se, this game presents you with a random shape, or “system”, that’s outlined against a black background. A line is drawn across it. What you do it try your best to trace it as accurately as you can. The lines vary wildly from level to level. They can be basically a straight line, or look like a seismograph during an earthquake. Each line you trace, or “hack”, gets a grade of either poor, average or elite depending on how accurately you cut. As you play, little circles with triangles will pop up. They are called credits and you use them as the primary currency in the game. They buy you boosts that you activate before the level begins. This game’s pretty stingy with money, as each boost costs at least a thousand credits, but you get less than a hundred each successful round. Other than that, this game is fun and gets the energy going.

Download it here.


3.) Kerflux  maxresdefault

A game that’s as weird and creative as its name, Kerflux continues the trend of using primarily shapes and lines. This one’s a bit hard to describe in words, so a video is tacked onto this one. When the game starts, you are either presented with shapes or lines (let’s just go with lines for the sake of the article.) There are a few lines that extend vertically across the screen, the right most one being “disorganized.” Swiping up or down on the left lines affects the right. You adjust the left lines in order to organize the right most line. There’s music playing in the background that’s muffled at start, but as you get closer to getting the line organized, the music gets clearer and clearer; sort of the game’s way of saying “you’re getting warmer.” The music itself is pretty catchy also.

Download it here.


4.) 50/50  1200x630bf

And just when you thought we were done with shapes and lines, in comes a game by the name of 50/50. As simple and to the point as it gets, 50/50 presents you with a shape, and its your job to draw a line across it and cut it evenly as possible. Your ultimate goal is to cut the shape 50/50, but we all know that it’s not possible, so the game gives you a one percent leeway. As the game progresses, you’ll have to cut the shape into more pieces, thus upping the difficulty. On paper, it doesn’t sound too fun, and it’s not exactly a blast, but it’s addicting. It’s a game that tests your ability to perform this simple action and don’t be surprised if an hour goes by and you’re still sweating away at this game.

Download it here.


5.) Orbit thpipp5khs

Cutting away from the theme of shapes and lines, and more toward astrophysics, Orbit has simple mechanics, but gets complex fast. You start off with a screen with one or several circles (don’t worry, these are the only shapes you need to deal with), these circles represent black holes and they each have a number on them. You swipe to launch a planet in free orbit around the black holes. Your job is to have the planets orbit around these black holes consistently. The number on the black hole indicate the amount of planets that need to be in orbit around it in order to pass the level. It gets to be a brain teaser after a while, but that’s what tends to happen with most minimalist games. Aside from its brain teasing ways, it’s meant to be a relaxing game. There’s a fair selection of relaxing classical music playing. You can also create your own levels and share them on the online community that’s on the game.

Download it here

Getting back to the basics isn’t always a bad thing. These are just some of the many fun minimalist apps that populate the Play store.


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