5 Relaxing Android Apps

So, you’ve had a long day and you want to kick back and decompress. What better way than to whip out your phone? There are developers who make apps that are meant to relax you, either with their simple gameplay or soft music. Here’s a selection of five android apps that should relax you after a long day.


1.) Prune  prune-7

This app does involve a little bit of brain power, but the atmosphere it creates is very relaxing. As the name indicates, your primary gameplay consists of pruning a flourishing tree. You start off with a small sapling in some sort of shade, and as you swipe, you cut off pieces of the branches. As you cut, the tree itself grows, and the amount the tree grows is roughly proportionate to how much you cut. The point is to grow your tree outside of the shade. The further your tree grows into the sunlight, the more flowers blossom on the branches. Above head there are outlines of star. Each blossom that sprouts causes a stars to fill in. If all of the stars fill in, the level is complete. There are certain obstacles that causes branches to break off or completely rot your tree. It gets pretty complex as you progress, but the mood remains somber and relaxing; thanks, in no small part, to the calm and monotonous music that’s playing in the background. As calming as raising an actual plant, this apps is nice to decompress to. It’s a one time purchase of $3.99, meaning no in-app purchases.

$3.99 ~ no in-app purchases

Download it here


2.) Triple A  unnamed0bfy72h5

What’s more relaxing than watching pretty colors? Triple A is not a game, but a particle simulator. You start off with a bunch of particles in the shape of a butterfly against a black background. You tap on the screen and they come to life, flying every which way. The particles Holding your finger will cause them to fly around a pattern. holding two fingers down will cause the pattern to change. The same with three, four, and five fingers. Each is a different entrancing pattern. On the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see three dots. This the button to get to your settings. In the settings, you can control the number of particles, their size and their length. Above them you’ll see a button named “Triple Art Mode.” Tapping it opens up a window with three options: Art wave, Art Particle and Art Gravity. Each of these are a set of five unique patterns to try out, adding up to fifteen in all. Adding to the relaxing mood set by the app is the music that’s playing in the background. Very relaxing piano music is sounding off in the back. You have the option to toggle the music off in the settings, but who would want to. A very nice game to come home to and mess around with after a long day.

Free ~ No in-app purchases

Download it here


3.) Ken Koi  zen-koi

There aren’t many things in this world more relaxing than the gentle koi fish. Ken Koi is a game where you take on the role as koi fish/dragon collector. You play as the koi fish. Your main duty is to eat the prey indicated up top. After you’ve eaten enough of the right prey, you achieve gems. These gems expand your pond. Once you expand your pond, your koi fish ascends to the heavens and becomes a dragon. Confused yet? It’s a confusing game on paper, but in practice, it’s really a breeze. One your fish ascends, you move onto the next koi fish in your collection. How do you get more koi fish? Well mating of course. Periodically, another koi fish will swim onto screen. In order to mate, you swim so that your koi fish overlaps the other one. A large circular bar will appear. Once it fills up, your koi do a little dance and an egg appears. You can either wait to hatch it, or use a pear to hatch it. Pearls are your primary currency, and as much as I’d like to say that this game isn’t stingy with the pearls, I can’t. Pearls are hard to come by and things cost a good amount of them. That’s the only gripe I have the game. The whole mood that Ken Koi creates is a calm and soothing one. The music’s relaxing and the gameplay’s simple and to the point. Also, you’ll find yourself looking forward to having your koi ascend turn into those dragons, because they’re gorgeous.

Free ~ in-app purchases

Download it here


4.) Flow Free  540_thumb

Simple, challenging, and oh so relaxing. Free flow is a simple puzzler that has you connecting the dots in a new way. You start off with a 5×5 grid of empty squares. A few of the squares have a certain color dot in them. What you do is drag a line from dot to the other dot on the grid of the same color. No lines can intersect, and each block on the grid must be filled. It’s an easy going little time waster and the only sound effects are the sounds of water droplets.

Free ~ No in-app purchases

Download it here.


5.) Alto’s Adventure  thumbnail

What better way to relax after a long day than to hop on a snowboard, speed down a mountain and catch your llamas? Alto’s Adventure is a 2D infinite runner where you take on the role of a snowboarding llama rancher who’s llama escaped. So, he takes his board and starts jetting down the mountain to get them. There’s a bit of action here, but the mood and atmosphere are relaxing. The minimalists graphics and relaxing music makes this a great game to cool down to. This game follows the trend of infinite runners. You avoid obstacle and collect coins and gather items to help along the way. Gathering coins let you buy boosts and upgrade items. The only in-app purchase is a $3.99 coin doubler which permanently doubles every coin that you collect throughout the stage. There’s isn’t an option to buy coins with real money, though you can watch videos for a decent amount of coins. You’ll see llamas running down the mountain. In order to catch them, just ride past them. What’s really relaxing about this game is the Zen mode. Swipe left on the title screen and you’ll be in the Zen mode. You ride infinitely- no score, no llama, no obstacles, no items. You just ride with the soothing music and relaxing sound of nature playing in the background. Alto’s Adventure is a great game to relax the ol’ nerves.

Free ~ in-app purchases

Download it here.


These are just a few of the many apps in the Play Store that are sure to relax you. Be sure to keep tuned to Techleages.com for more articles like this and others.

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