Waiting until 2018 to launch another Note might help the series regain its steam.

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The story of the Galaxy Note 7 is more like a Greek tragedy. We’re at the tail end of it, as Samsung recently killed off the device. Now, we’re all just waiting for everyone to return their devices, for Samsung to find out the cause of the defects, and for all of the memes to stop popping up all over the internet. Some people remarking on this whole ordeal say that the Note name itself is tarnished completely and that there will never be another Note phone again. EVER! A grueling end for such a magnificent and revolutionary product line, but who knows if this is really the end? There’s still a chance for the Note line to see the light of day, but it may involve waiting until 2018 to launch another device.

Why wait?

No matter what, the Note line will always have its own slice of the smartphone market to itself. No other phone on the market can offer the sheer productivity that a Note product can. There are always going to be a substantial amount of people who absolutely need the unique tools made possible by the S Pen. So why wait on another Note? The Note 7 disaster didn’t completely kill off people’s faith in Samsung, but it did affect it, so Samsung would be launching a device to diminished fanfare. Not only that, but there will most definitely be a pocket of people who say nay to the device because of fear of even MORE battery issues. This is the reason why even a 2017 release may be risky. If a Note is released next year, there will be talk of the Note 7 and the whole recall situation. People will still buy the phone, but there may still be less sales. So why wait until 2018? Well the need to upgrade has to outweigh the Note 7 situation. By 2018, most people who own a Note will be rocking three year old hardware. Those people who need a Note so bad will be using the (still fantastic mind you) Note 5, but it will start to show its age. And most of those people are the ones who lusted after the Note 7. 2017 passes and they are left wondering why no Note, and wondering what Samsung is doing.

Now, 2018 rolls around and there’s word that there’s a new Note in the works. When avid Note users hear this, they’ll utter an uproarious “FINALLY!” As time goes by, the need for a new iteration of the Note will grow and grow, meaning that upon its launch, a new Note will attract a TON of waiting costumers who have been on edge ever since this year. Knowing Samsung, it will be refined, bringing new features and innovations. Not only that, but the Note 7 fiasco will not be as fresh on peoples’ minds. Sure, there will be that “oh yeah, that did happen” moment, and it will be brought up, but it won’t be as recent, and the general public would have pretty much forgotten about it.

Waiting and building up the anticipation might be a good move for Samsung. The Note 7 was going to be a gigantic cash cow Samsung, but it just didn’t happen unfortunately. It’s going to take the company some time to recover, but it will. Until then, whatever move Samsung makes with the Note name will be crucial, so waiting a bit might not be a bad idea. Let’s just keep our collective fingers crossed!

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