New leaked images of the HTC “Bolt” confirms what we saw in past renders.

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With the HTC 10 and the Pixel phones now under its belt, Taiwanese OEM, HTC, is on to bigger and better things. Not too long ago, we heard the news that they were creating a new flagship series called the “Bolt.” As funny as the name is, after the devices HTC launched this year, we can expect this to be a serious device. There were some pretty revealing leaked renders that came to the surface a few weeks ago which painted a clear picture about how this device is going look, and there were a few surprises. First and foremost, there didn’t seem to be any 3.5mm headphone jack at all. It’s hard to tell if there is a headphone jack on a device just by looking at the back and the front, but the exaggerated chamfers of the Bolt make it possible. What’s more is that the top “Tweeter” speaker of the Boom sound set seems to have been shrunken. The camera bump is the same, but the duel LED flash has changed position.

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These new leaks show us pretty much the exact same picture, but what makes these leaks significant is the fact that they were taken with a camera, meaning that this device is actually physical there, and not a concept on a computer. This may be a prototype of what’s to come, but this leak confirms what we saw in the previous renders. The only real difference is this: Look at the shot of the front of the device. Notice how the metal trim surrounding the phone seems to be thicker in the old leaks, and shaved down in the new leak. Other than that, it seems like this concept is set in stone. What do you guys think about this design? How do you feel about HTC tossing the 3.5 mm headphone jack? Let me know in the comments below!


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