Maybe I was wrong about the Google Pixel

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This is a follow-up post to Opinion Piece: Will the Google Pixel be a Flop?

Okay okay, I know what I said and I take it back, but only just a little. I was wrong to think that nobody would buy the Pixels. Several configurations of the devices are out of stock on the Google Store page including the Really Blue version of the normal sized Pixel in both storage configurations, and almost every variant of the Pixel XL is out of stock except for the Very Silver color in 32 GB. All 128 GB options are out of stock for the Pixel XL. On Verizon’s website all configurations of the Pixels are available for purchase. However Verizon has stated that they are not selling the 128 GB version of either Pixel, and neither is Best Buy.

That just goes to show that people are indeed buying these phones more than I anticipated. I never wanted to give out the impression that these were bad phones. The Pixels show off Android beautifully, although the fact that certain Android 7.1 features aren’t coming the Nexus devices is a little upsetting for Nexus fans, but this is like Google’s OEM skin, and the nature of OEM skins are that they are exclusive to that OEM. The design of the Pixels is good. It’s not outstanding, but it’s good. (Keep in mind that I haven’t seen the Pixels in person yet.) The Pixel is like a mullet, business in the front and party in the back, and of course the specs are run of the mill 2016 specs. Except for the fact that there’s no optical image stabilization on either Pixel. Of course that means there’s no camera hump, but take that for what you will.

The Pixels are selling much better then I thought they ever would. They seem to be doing much better then the Nexus devices ever did. The price seems to be the deciding factor though. Are the Pixels worth the high price tag that Google has given them? Are they good enough for your hard earned cash?




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