A leaked image of an upcoming LG device shows us another phone with a G5-eque design.

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It’s been said over and over again that the design of the LG G5 was questionable. Regardless of that, the G5’s design is actually pretty unique, which is saying a lot nowadays. Despite the flack the handset’s gotten, LG has opted to hold onto this design and incorperate it into other devices; we’ve seen this with the V20. Now, we have a leaked image (thanks to @OnLeaks) of an upcoming LG device that shares some of its design with the G5.


The device looks very minimalist. The front is free of any buttons, and it’s even missing the LG logo that adornes all other LG handsets. The curved glass at the top is what makes it resemble the G5 the most, giving it that sort of unbalanced look to it. There’s really not much more to say about the front. On the back is where the similarities stop. The camera package is a gigantic departure from the G5 and the V20. There’s no duel camera setup here, just the single circular sensor right above an LED flash and the fingerprint scanner/power button. There’s nothing else on the back except for the back firing speaker. The volume rocker is on the left side, which is barely visible from the front/back. There’s no indication what so ever of this phone being modular, which is fortunate for most. As for build material, it looks to be a predominantly plastic device with a metal trim around edge, so there’s not much hope for this being a premium handset. Any judgement on this device right now may be placed too early, as this looks like an unfinished concept. Hopefully it will develop more as time goes on.
LG has a reputation for sticking true to a concept despite the puplic’s view. A few examples would be its rear mounted volume rockers and it’s LCD technology in a world slowly being taken over by AMOLED. The design of the G5 is another gun to stick to. It was already refined with the V20, which is setting up to be a popular device. Only time will tell if the next iteration of this outlandish design will show further refinement or not. More leaks will pop up, and more news will come to the surface, so stay tuned to your favorite tech sites as this story unfolds.


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