The LG V20 will NOT be modular after all.

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The launch of the LG V20 is coming up soon, but there’s still a lot that we don’t know about the device. What we know is that it will still have the secondary ticker display, a 32 bit Hi-Fi quad-DAC and a duel camera setup. What had us raisng our eyebrows is the fact that it looked like it was going to adopt the G5’s modular design. What’s fortunate is the fact that, based on some renders and reports from CNET Korea, the V20 will not be a modular phone like it’s little brother. The renders aren’t from LG themselves, but they are based on eye witness accounts. With the renders, what you see is what you get; the left half of the back side will actually slide off. Why? Well, just because it isn’t modular doesn’t mean that LG has abandoned adding a removable battery to their phones. That’s right, the V20 will be chucking its modularity, but sticking with having a removable baattery. After removing the left side of the back, you’ll have access to the SIM card and SD card also.

The LG G5 will definitely go down as one of 2016’s biggest blunders, but it earned points for still having a removable battery where other OEM’s are dropping that feature. This is another plus for the already exciting LG V20. As the time approaches, we’ll hopefully be getting more exciting news about this upcoming device. Stay tuned for that and more content on


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