The LG G5 isn’t LG’s last attempt at modularity.

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A lot of us shuttered when there was rumor that the LG V20 may sport the modular design employed in the G5. That rumor has been dashed, and we are happy to know that the V20 is, indeed, not modular. But what about LG’s modular design philosophy? LG spokesperson, Ken Hong, told CNET that the successor to the G5 will share its modular design, but it will be refined. LG has a reputation for sticking to its guns; a good example being its signature back facing power button and volume keys. Hong went on to say that the reason that the V20 wasn’t made modular is because by the time the G5 launched, the V20 was already underway. Due to the less than ideal reception of the G5, LG decided not to make any sudden changes to the V20’s anatomy to allow for modularity.

The G5 was poorly received, thanks in part to its rather inconvenient approach to modularity. Most will think that LG should have learned their lesson, but the company did learn something. The G5 is, in essence, a really good phone, but its rough edges (both literally and figuratively) make it a hard sell, and a thorn in LG’s side. If, however, LG sticks to this design and refines it, they have another shot come next year.


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