Samsung’s planning on dropping Qualcomm for good.

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Last year, Samsung decided to keep things in house by putting its own Exynos Soc’s in the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Note 5 and the Tab S2. They did much the same thing this year, but still used Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 in some varients of the S7 and the Note 7. Samsung is looking to cut off its dependency on Qualcomm completely. It already produces its own SoC’s utilizing ARM’s CPU’s. The company’s planning on doing some house keeping for their Exynos SoC chips to cut loose from Qualcomm. It’s believed that Samsung is working on adding CDMA technology for the chip come September next year, eliminating another need to use Qualcomm’s chipsets. Without the Snapdragon SoC’s to use, though, Samsung looses the ability to utilize Qualcomm’s Adreno GPU. It was rumored a while back that they were looking to produce their own GPU’s, but that has not come to realization. The company is instead looking to either Nvidia or AMD to provide the GPU technology for future Exynos SoC’s. It’s really a toss up between these two companies, as both have formidable architectures. Nvidia has a superior Pascal architecture, but AMD is no slouch at all. Sony uses AMD’s Polaris architecture for the PS4 Pro. Whatever happens, we won’t see anything materialize until 2018. As for 2017, we’re still planning on seeing Exynos chips using ARM’s MaliT GPU technology.
This is another step in Samsung’s move to be more of a stand alone company, competing against the likes of Apple. Samsung is already one of the most independent OEM’s out there, building their own SoC’s, displays, batteries and more. We’ll see how this affects the performances of future Samsung devices. Maybe producing more in house may push Samsung above Qualcomm as a chip producer… maybe.


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