Update: False Alarm Samsung to Deactivate Note 7’s that aren’t returned by September 30

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Update: According to Android Central Samsung refuted the claims of Note 7 remote deactivation after September 30th.However this would have been a very good way to get all the defective Note 7’s off the market. Regardless it would be wise to exchange your Note 7 ASAP.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know about the world wide recall on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. That’s over 2.5 million units. The reason for this recall, battery explosions.  Samsung is taking extreme measures to make sure you exchange your Galaxy Note 7. If you don’t return your Note 7 by September 30th Samsung will deactivate it, according to french Redditor Limbojr who was told this by a Samsung rep over the phone. (Hopefully that phone wasn’t the Galaxy Note 7) Keep in mind this is how the recall is being handled in France, it might differ depending on where you live. Honestly though if you haven’t returned your Note 7 by now then I have every right to call you crazy. Someone’s jeep exploded because of it for crying out loud. Oh and if you do exchange it you could be rewarded with either the new Gear VR or a gift card depending on the carrier or retailer you purchased it from. Galaxy Note 7 replacement units will start shipping on September 9th, so hang tight everyone and try not to be a victim of spontaneous combustion.

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