Replacement Galaxy Note 7’s will be arriving September 21st

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If you’re an American who bought a Galaxy Note 7, and you’re eagerly awaiting your new and non-exploding handset, your wait is close to an end. Samsung has been working on getting new units out to consumers night and day, and has announced that America will see new phones delivered no later than September 21st, less than a week away. If you’re one of those many who bought a Note 7, please take advantage of this recall. You will be getting a new device at no cost to you, plus certain regions will be getting different extras as an apology from Samsung. If not that, than at least trade in for an S7/Edge. The number of incidents has risen to 92. Sure, 92 out of 2.5 million is a small number, but it’s enough to raise concern. So far, there haven’t been any deaths related to combusting Note 7’s, which is good, but the threat is still out there. Samsung’s putting a lot of time and money (over a billion dollars to be exact) to make sure that its costumers are safe, and that this situation doesn’t have any long term effects on the Galaxy Note name. If you’re trading up, don’t despair, your units will be arriving soon!


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