Google’s “Project Ara” may be gone for good this time.

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A handful of us have been waiting for Google’s take on the slowly growing concept of modularity for a few years now. Named “Project Ara” it showed promise, even being mentioned in Google’s I/O earlier this year. This ambitions endevour, however, has been put to rest, as an attempt to “streamline” Google’s hardware division has been employed. Project Ara has been stop and go for the past couple of years, but this is not far from the final nail in the coffin. What’s most likely happening is that Google is eliminating extraneous labor on projects. The company has the upcoming Nexus… I mean Pixel devices on their plate aside from other projects, so any energy saved is well worth it. Right now, Project Ara is officially marked as “suspended.” It’s  available to be picked up by a third party company, so those who are dead set on seeing a Project Ara phone have a glimmer or hope. As it stands, however, most of us arn’t going to cross our fingers.

Whatever happens to Project Ara, or modularity in general, you should know that you’ll always be informed by your favorite tech sites. Stay tuned to for more on this and other developments.


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