Galaxy Note 7 sales halt as more handsets explode.

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Nothing’s perfect. The Galaxy Note 7 was, for some, the closest thing to smartphone perfection as anyone can get, but even this spectacular device has its flaws; one of those flaws being quite explosive. Not long after the device launched and started to get into peoples’ hands, up pops a report of a unit literally exploding while charging. Sure, we can chalk it up to a defective handset and call it a day, but more reports are trickling in about additional units exploding. Right now the number is up to 5. While such a small number compared to the millions in circulation, it’s still cause for alarm. What’s fortunate is that Samsung is suspending any further shipments of the phone and investigating the cause of the exploding devices. Samsung has yet to comment on any of the questions it’s gotten over the issue, but hopefully some answers will arrive soon. And hopefully there will be support for those who’ve already gotten their Note 7’s and are at risk. Anyway, in order to ensure your safety if you already have a Note 7 you should:

– Avoid having your phone near you while charging.

– Avoid keeping it on the charger after it’s reached 100% (No charging over night).

– Avoid using chargers NOT originally bundled with your phone.

Stay tuned to all the latest tech news to hear what Samsung has to say about the problem and what they plan on doing to solve it. Until then, stay safe everyone.


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