This interesting App has you throwing paper planes around the world.

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Two recently released apps announced during Google’s I/O, Duo and Allo, have been making serious headlines, but they’re not the only apps announced at the event. There’s an app, simply called “Paper Planes” that was announced back then. It wan’t actually designed by Google, but by a company called “Active Theory LTT.” Paper Planes was created mostly to promote peace by allowing interaction between people of different countries. You start off with this virtual blank piece of paper and you tap it to place a stamp on it. The stamp displays a cute little picture, the date, the country it was created in and “International Day of Peace” down on the bottom. The app then leads you in folding the piece of paper into a plane and throwing it out for the world to see… and this is where things get dangerous. To throw it, what you do is take your phone and gesture as though you were actually throwing a paper plane. This could definitely lead to some mishaps for those who aren’t careful. The app tells you not to let go of your phone (obviously). After throwing your plane, and hopefully not your phone, it joins the flow of planes currently out there by other people. The app tells you how many plane are currently out there, and in the time that I’ve used it, the number has been going up steadily. The other half of this app in in catching the planes from other people. Again, swinging your phone in a way that it’s not meant to be swung, you gesture as though you had a butterfly net in your hands and catch one of the many planes randomly flying by. You open up the plane, place your stamp, and send it off into the world… again, swinging your phone…

The blatant hazard to your phone aside, this is definitely a nice app to download. It’s interesting interacting with people from around the world, even in such a simple way. While its not all too practical, the application of it is straight forward. Feel free to check it out.

Download it here!


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