A leak of the HTC “Bolt” shows us a familiar design.

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2016 has been a year of changes for HTC. They made some radical changes to their flagship smartphone line with the HTC 10, and now they’re changing the name of their flagship line all together. No longer centered around a number, the new device line is being referred to as “Bolt”. A name that has a lot more spirit compared to the names of devices nowadays that are rather dry. It’s the kind of name you’d likely hear maybe six or seven years ago. While not much is known about this upcoming device, we have a leaked image showing the device in all its chamfered glory, and it’s looking pretty familiar.


The apple didn’t fall far from the tree, as the Bolt shares a similar design to the HTC 10. Honestly, it looks almost exactly like the 10. It has the same rounded metal design with those larger-than-life chamfered edges. They share the circular camera bump, the antenna line setup, the clean front with the capacitive home button and the lighted keys flanking it (it’s not shown in the image, but that’s most likely the case) and the sensors and front facing camera on the front. At first glance, one might mistake this for an HTC 10, but there are differences.

First off, the LED flash has been moved above the camera lens, and the lens itself seems to be just a tab bigger. The camera bump seems to stick out a bit more on the Bolt. That, coupled with the fact that the USB type-C port is visible from both the front and back, may indicate that the Bolt is quite a bit thinner than the 10. On the side, we see two slots, one for the SIM card, and one for the SD card most likely. On the front, we see that the selfie camera has been moved. Also, we see that the front facing speaker, that was a part of the “Boom Sound” package of the 10, has actually gotten smaller. It’s hard to believe that any sort of compelling sound could come out of that. This may not please audiophiles. And you know what else may not please audiophiles? Well if you look at the top of the HTC 10, the headphone jack sitting right in the middle of the phone. But look at the Bolt; no indication of the headphone jack to be found anywhere. HTC might be the next company to jump on the USB audio wagon, but this is just a leak, so it should be taken with a pinch of salt.

This leak tells us a few things to look out for with this new device. It’ll share many of the characteristics of the HTC 10, but with a few key differences. The most notable ones are in the audio department. More leaks will pop up, telling us more about how this phone will look and perform, so keep tuned to Techleages.com for more information and developments on this new device.


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