A Huawei built Nexus 7 inch tablet may be set to release before the end of 2016

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Last year, Goolge released the stellar Nexus 6P in collaboration with the Chinese OEM, Huawei. This year, Google is working with HTC on the Pixel phones, but thanks to a rumor from trustworthy leakster, Evan Blass, we now have word that there may be another device in the works from Huawei carrying the Nexus brand.
The leak states that it will be a 7 inch device, so maybe a variation on the Nexus 7. The only other information we have is the fact that it will have four GB’s of RAM. Nothing else is stated in the rumor. As for specs, we can only guess. Quad HD and AMOLED technology were employed for the Nexus 6P, so there’s not much reason to suspect that these won’t be present on the tablet. Hopefully it will have the right processing package to make it relevant in the shrinking tablet market. I’m sure we’ll be happy if it uses the Snapdragon 820 SoC (or 821); let’s just keep our fingers crossed. The four gig’s of RAM is actually promising, especially since it’ll be running Stock Android. It’ll most likely have a good build quality, as Huawei is good about that. What’s fortunate is that it’ll be out before the year is over, so it shouldn’t be too long before we get more on this device. Keep tuned for more on this development.


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