​Samsung’s Note 7 exchange program for the US.

This is not a happy time for Samsung. Following the rapid success of the Note 7, reports of the device sprung up about units exploding while charging, causing a major backlash. Now there’s a global recall in effect. Thankfully, Samsung is taking the situation by the horns and being proactive. Aperrently, Samsung has gotten down to the root of the problem and is replacing handsets with new ones. This is rolling out gradually. Right now, there’s an exchange program for American users in the works; it makes sense because America was one of the first countries to receive the Note 7. The deal is:
~You send in your faulty Note 7 and get a new one, plain and simple. 
~Another option is that you can turn your Note 7 in for a Galaxy S7 or S 7 Edge and and you’ll be refunded the price difference between the devices. 
The second option is for those who really can’t wait to get a device in their hands, as the program launches the 5th of September and replacements will roll out in the weeks after.
This whole situation has already cost Samsung some money and probably some credibility. What adds salt to this wound is the fact that the iPhone 7 is right around the corner. Hopefully Samsung can get this under control soon. If you have a Note 7, make sure you exchange it as soon as possible.

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