Swappa- A great site to buy gently used mobile devices.

Sure, we all want to have devices that are brand new, and fresh off the assembly line, but most of us can’t afford that. Many users, in fact, would be happy having the phone or tablet of their dreams for an affordable price and won’t mind a few dents and dings. For those folks, there’s Swappa.

Swappa is a site where you can buy gently used phones or tablets at very attractive prices. The interface may seem a bit convoluted at first as it’s not as simple as most sites. On the home screen, you see a group of top selling devices. Under them, you see the option to choose the carrier that these phones were branded and just plain unlocked. Under that, you see a large assortment of devices to browse before even searching.

When you search up a device, you are shown a list of that device that’s organized by carrier and product number. Not all of the list items have actual available devices, but the ones that do, have a price range next to the “buy” and “sell” buttons. You select the phone and are presented with a list of actual sellers who you can contact.

What separates this site from most other sites is its safety precautions to protect the buyers. Sellers are NOT allowed to sell cracked phones. The devices are prescreened before they are posted for purchase, and the sellers have to verify that they do in fact own the phone that they are trying to sell, so as not to lead to any scams. All transactions are handled safely through Paypal. After doing an extensive review search, I’ve found nothing but positive reviews about the site. This is a site that I recommend to anyone who wants that Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6S Plus, without paying the premium price. If you can deal with a few scratches and scuffs in return for a great device, then Swappa is right for you.

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